Controller Courses

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Cobalt Classes

Cobalt Classroom Training

The Cobalt controller training is a 2 day class, which covers advanced operation and programming of the Cobalt controller. Topics include sequencing, phase timing/status displays, preemption, coordination, time-of-day and logic processor. The Cobalt class includes a hands-on exam.


ATC Cabinet Classes

ATC Webinar Training

Minimize power outages. No exposed high voltage. The 48VDC version is fully Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) compliant and is touch safe. HDSPs with the CMU monitor current. CMU can detect faulty load switches. Intersection in flash while working on cabinet.


Cobalt Webinars

Cobalt Sequencing

This webinar explains navigation, approaches, phase order, overlaps and flash.

Cobalt Phase Timing and Status Displays

This webinar explains phase timing plans, phase options, main status display, I/O status and detector status.

Cobalt Preemption

This webinar explains railroad preemption, emergency vehicle preemption, bus preemption and preemption status display.

Cobalt Coordination

This webinar discusses coordination options, coordination events and split demand.

Cobalt Time of Day

This webinar demonstrates the setup of events and use of the scheduler.

Cobalt Logic Processor

This webinar discusses testable elements, logic operators and executable elements and peer to peer.

Cobalt Maintenance and Diagnostics

This webinar discusses tools available in the Cobalt controller to facilitate maintenance procedures such as software updates, transfer of configuration databases, collection of data, and diagnostics. Duration: 1 hour.

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